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Here are some testimonials from previous and current clients. If words aren't good enough, be sure to check out the before and after photo section to show how BMaxFitness can help you transform into a new you. 


“I’ve been training with Bonnie off and on for about 1 year. When I started I was weak, unhealthy, depressed and stressed up all the time. Few months after training with Bonnie, my health gets better, my stress and depression is under control and turn to be a better person, my temper is under control.”

Chee Sing Lim, Client


Thank you so much for everything! These past three weeks have truly been such a blast! You helped me boost my self-confidence times 100 and made me realize my only obstacle is myself! I definitely feel like my life is different now and I'm only going UP from here! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You haven't seen the last of me, I promise.
Jalyn Peng, Client


You're truly inspirational, seeing your posts has really opened my eyes to how badly I live my life. So because of you I've changed my eating habits and joined my local gym to get back into shape! Thank you so much for what you post and what you say.


“I am insanely proud of myself this year. I've never kept a weight loss resolution but these last twelve months held my focus to where I put my goals ahead of my gluttony. Small victories led to bigger ones and I'm more motivated than ever to keep this going in 2018. Huge thank you to my trainers and everyone who valued my progress. Couldn't do it without you!
Lindsey Bee, Client


Over the years I have had some great trainers and then some not so good. Bonnie by far has been my greatest one. Making sure your posture is correct, performing the exercises correct to prevent injury, going at a pace to make those muscles work harder and providing great stretching techniques to loosen those sores muscles.  It has been a pleasure to gain some of her knowledge of how to workout properly.
April Thompson, Client


“I first began training with Bonnie last April. When I decided to obtain a personal trainer I was looking for someone who would understand my physical limitations and create a program for me where I could reach my physical goals. Bonnie understood my physical condition based on her own experiences and provided a strength training program to help me accomplish my goals. When I came to Bonnie I had slight muscle atrophy in my thigh/hip muscles. Through our sessions I have built substantial muscle strength and have less pain in my hip and knee joints. She has comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining individual abilities of her clients. Bonnie explained how each exercise should be performed and why, showed me how to roll and stretch and provided guidance on nutrition. She has a great personality and is fun to work with. However, she will push and motivate you to strive to do better. She instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work harder to achieve your goals. I highly recommend Bonnie Maxson.

Renae Feacher, Client


“A few years back I meet Bonnie for personal training and it was the best decision I made. I am more comfortable with my body now, fitter, stronger, healthy and more importantly I learn to love my body with all the imperfections. I know that I can obtain the look that I want by working hard and eating healthy without going on a diet. It has been a great change for my fitness and health goals.”
Isabel Monsalve, Client


“I've been working with Bonnie for two and a half years and have seen amazing results in that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Bonnie is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. She is the perfect combination of tough ("Bonnie, you are KILLING me!") and warm ("Bonnie, you are doing SO well"). She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and I've got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Bonnie will lead you every step of the way.”
Krissy Maxwell, Client


“I have Osteogenis Imperfecta and had several fractures when I started working with Bonnie. I was not in good shape but tired of not walking well and could not due all that I wanted to do. My left arm had a serious fracture and I baby it so my left shoulder became frozen from lack of use. This was who I was when I started working with Bonnie. I was over weight and in terrible shape. I learned to be comfortable again standing and walking. I lost 30 lbs and even my left arm started working. This was no easy feet but hard work with a great trainer made it all possible. Unfortunately, all came to a stop when I had a horrible accident. I dislocated my left hip and fractured my pelvis in 7 pieces. It was 4 months of recovery with no use of my legs. You lose muscle and I lost all my muscles because of this accident. I went back to Bonnie after 6  months. I could not walk my left leg was still very swollen and wearing two different sized shoes. Bonnie say we will get you walking one step at a time. She is a great trainer but so much more. She really cares and it was her words that you can do it kept me going after my accident. I have come a long way back but still have more work to do. I put all the weight back on and want to get that off again. She treats all of me. She encourages me pushes me and praises me when I deserve it. She is extremely knowledgeable and capable trainer and terrific people person She changed my life and I am better for it.”
Mary Maxwell, Client


“I worked with Bonnie consistently for 17 months. When we first began, I presented my goals, and admitted that I was dedicated to achieving them, but was frustrated with my limitations due to a medical issue. Not only did she guide me through different modifications to maximize my results, she helped me with my diet, too. Within a few weeks I was noticing major changes, and hit my goal physique + weight in less than 4 months. When I became pregnant, Bonnie had no problem switching up how we approached my workouts, and was extremely knowledgeable in the special factors that go into training a pregnant woman. She saw my frustration with my inability to not lift the weight I was used to, and found a way to make my workouts just as effective. Thanks to her, I have had a very healthy pregnancy and a healthier lifestyle overall. To have a trainer who cares about your physical AND mental health is a rare find, and if I ever get to visit Hawaii from Florida, I’ll definitely be getting a session or two in!”
Lindsay Hansen, Client


Bonnie has a very high reputation as she is very understanding and professional. When I started training with her, I understood that her job is to give me the tools and I had to use those tools to get to my goals. During my time training with her, I was also a student working on something and her training and education helped me with my studies. Bonnie is an excellent trainer! Not only does she train you, she also educates you on the exercises she is having you perform and is also educating you on the positive effects that it will have on your body overall. When I started training with Bonnie, I was not in very good shape at all. I suffer from a knee injury which also affects my back from time to time. During training, Bonnie made sure to incorporate exercises that would not only strengthen the weak muscles in those specific areas, but she also provided me with simple exercises that I could do at home in the event I could not make it to the gym.
Charlotte Spencer, Client


Bonnie is a life changer.  I am 61 years old and she trained me for over five years. She got me into the best shape of my life.  Not only was she my trainer but became a life long friend.   Bonnie is a tough trainer but even more importantly, she has a way of helping her clients move beyond their self doubts and accomplish goals they never dreamed possible.  The sessions were never the same old exercises week after week.  She made the workouts fun!  She really deals with the whole person; mind, body and soul. I will miss her positive attitude and big smile when I walked into the gym.  If you want to change your body and change your life, Bonnie can help you accomplish that goal.
Mona F, Client


I wanted to share my testimony with you. Since joining Bonnie, I've lost 30 pounds (at least) and kept it off! I'm not embarrassed to walk down a beach, even at my age. I learned more about nutrition than I've ever imagined. I was even motivated to try exercises that I felt were impossible or too dangerous. For example, Bonnie was so convinced that dead lifts would be perfect for me. She wasn't afraid to show me information from other sources. Every time I go to the gym I think intensity about each set from what Bonnie shared with me. Needless to say I'm hooked on dead lifts. Plus she was not overbearing or over demanding at all and a hoot to be with. I can geek out over wrestling with her. She was even tolerant about my Carnivore palette too. She has been quite an inspiration to me and I can't thank her enough.
Robert Borella, Client


Bonnie Maxson has been my personal trainer now for the past 6+ years. I am a 71 year old, Vietnam veteran, retired male. I’ve been training with Bonnie Maxson since August, 2012. Through her personal training (typically, 2 hours/week), she has helped me bring my weight down to 195 lbs. Six years ago, I was 216 lbs. When I started training with Bonnie, I had issues with my shoulders/neck (compression in my cervical vertebrae), causing nerve pain and preventing my being able to raise my arms above shoulder level. I am now wearing a size 38 inch belt, down from 44 inches. I’ve added inches to my biceps/triceps, shoulders/neck, and thighs/calves. My “quarter keg” of belly fat has almost disappeared, and my “love handles” are now history. I am now able to (almost) bench press my full body weight, and am able to leg press now over four times my weight. Best of all, I now have full range of motion with my arms above my head/shoulders, with no pain. I am fully enjoying my being able to lift my two grandbabies (ages 7 and 5) well over my head and to also throw them about in our pool, to their delight. Bonnie has worked on my eating habits - I have eliminated carbonated soft drinks from my diet and I’m more conscientious about doing my “push-ups” away from the dinner table (smaller/fewer portions). And while I am now 50 years older and 50 pounds heavier than I was when I served in uniform, I feel as healthy as I was at age 21. I would commend anyone, whatever your state of health, to consider engaging Bonnie as your personal trainer.
Bob Jett, Client


Diet/Nutrition... Worked to provide guidance on a diet that teaches balance with carbs, fats, and protein. Document current eating habits and made necessary augmentations based on an individualized macro. Taught me that “you cannot outwork nutrition”.  Workouts... Provides a great variety so that I was constantly learning new exercises. Provided intense learning on the proper form to ensure maximum benefit with minimum risk of injury. Customized to fit my mental and physical ability. Brought in new muscle groups (legs, back) to get the maximum cardio strength training.  Rehab... Spent considerable time rehabbing my shoulder and tailoring our workouts around the injury. Intense stretching using light weights with perfect form. Built muscle groups to help support my injured shoulder (back). 
Mike Beaudoin, Client


I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have Bonnie as my trainer! She has made a huge impact on my life. Restoring confidence, strength and self love along with allowing me to discover things about myself I didn't know existed. I really believe it was meant for me to find her. She truly is a blessing! When I came to her, I was just 9 months out of having a bilateral mastectomy and 5 months having breast reconstructive surgery and truthfully, I was struggling emotionally. We instantly connected. With her personal experience with surgeries and having to do rehab, she knew exactly how to get me where I needed to be. In the beginning, I could barely lift my arms past my head. With her patience and knowledge, I am now able to reach for the sky not just physically, She really helped me regain my confidence where I feel the sky is the limit!  She knew how to challenge me, push me without me getting hurt and made me feel comfortable the entire time! Bonnie you have an amazing gift! Keep changing lives!
Lesley Perez, Client


I started working out with Bonnie because I wanted to get healthier before getting pregnant. Training with her definitely got me into the habit of working out regularly – she was great about keeping me accountable. When I did get pregnant, Bonnie was very knowledgeable about what exercises were safe for me to do in different trimesters. I had a wonderful pregnancy, which I know is not true for everyone, but I can honestly say that I felt great! I truly believe that staying active was a huge part of that. Keeping weight gain in check was especially important for me because I had gestational diabetes. Working out frequently and following a healthy diet allowed me to manage the diabetes without medication, and Bonnie supported me every step of the way. Of course we hoped that all that wonderful strength training would prepare my body for a fast and “easy” labor and delivery. Since my baby was overdue he was big, and he was also facing the wrong way. Even though this meant I had a really long labor, I was still strong enough to push and avoid a C-section. I (and my nurses) were surprised at how good I felt after the birth and how easy I was getting around. I absolutely credit my easier recovery period to staying strong during my pregnancy. Bonnie is a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer who really cares about her clients and their goals!
Allison Tourjee, Client


Where do I begin... This is my journey that brought me to Bonnie. The gym that I had been going to for a few years closed suddenly. In my search for a new gym I found a crossfit gym and decided to give it a try. That experience resulted in me sustaining injuries which was not a result I wanted. When I met with my orthopedic doctor, he said "Oh I love crossfit! It's great for business." That solidified for me that I would not be returning to that type of gym. After several injections to my shoulder, the doctor recommended surgery. They even showed me a video about the surgery. Urging me to do it. I did not want surgery on my shoulder because all the friends that I have known to have surgery have had to continue having several surgeries. I did not want to go down that road. Physical therapy was recommended so I tried it. My physical therapist told me I had "Hypermobility syndrome". It was like a light bulb went off in my life. Yes I have been prone to sprains and strains and did not know why. It turns out me having double jointed thumbs and legs that hyperextend is not normal. So this explains why I have had so many sprains... 6 ankle sprains so far. My shoulder was a new injury from all the heavy crossfit lifting to my double jointed shoulders. My physical therapy ended and my therapist recommended I strengthen all the muscles around my shoulder to relieve the pain and increase mobility. It was my choice to find a trainer to rehab my shoulder and not have surgery. I found an LA Fitness gym in Brandon so I walked in and told the membership employee that I was looking for a personal trainer that specializes in injuries. He told me Bonnie would be a perfect fit. She was a pro wrestler and has had many injuries. He pointed to her and I said "Yes I'm in."  During my first session with Bonnie, I learned of her history of being a pro wrestler and all the injuries she has overcome. I've had many personal trainers but never one that could relate to me and understand all the injuries I have sustained. Bonnie immediately worked on rehabbing my shoulder. Soon I could comb my hair, next I could take a shirt off over my head without pain. Then came my much needed sleep. I could finally sleep without rolling on my shoulder in pain. The pain became less and less till finally it was gone. Bonnie is an amazing master trainer, incredibly intelligent, and hilarious (she thinks so! lol) boyish humor. She supported me even when I have fallen off the weight wagon a few times. She knows what I was capable of accomplishing when I lost 30 lbs with her help. She never gave up on me and still encouraged me through my journey. I have been the strongest I have ever been in my life and that's with my bad shoulder! But most of all Bonnie is the strongest person I know... mentally and physically. I saw her come into work after surviving a near fatal car accident. She came in while still recuperating and monitored my workouts and offered me encouragement. She was my inspiration. Seeing her face any adversity head on and bulldoze through it was just inspiring. They don't make them like Bonnie that's for sure. She has been a support for me the past 4 years I have trained with her. It broke my heart that I wouldn't see her anymore after she was a staple in my life for every week the past 4 years. I truly miss her. She always finds the strengths in people and focuses on them. She will help you accomplish any fitness goal you have. She knows how the body works, functions and knows best how to improve your fitness level. Now if there was a way I could get her to move back?? or maybe I gotta pick up and move to the Big Island!
Martha, Client


I came to Bonnie as a result of a ruptured hamstring that I wanted to be able to make it through a triathlon.  Bonnie worked with me for over a year to rehab the hamstring and give me enough all around flexibility to do a half marathon, marathon and three triathlons of varying course lengths in my sixties, as a lung cancer survivor no less.  She was always challenging, but never injured me.  I’ve used trainers and physical therapists for many years and would rank Bonnie with anyone I have ever worked with.  You’ll not regret training with Bonnie.
Tom Barber, Client


I met Bonnie in the spring of 2015. At that point in my life, I had just retired from a law-enforcement career. At the time, I was 49 years old. You would think I would be in pretty decent shape for a 49-year-old given my career field. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would wake up in the middle the night just to go to the bathroom and would be out of breath from the bedroom to the bathroom. I knew something had to change. I literally lived across the street from LA Fitness and never became a member until I decided I needed to change my lifestyle. I go over to LA Fitness and explained my goals to one of the managers and told him I wanted a personal trainer. Without hesitation, the first person he recommended was Bonnie. I became a member and Bonnie became my trainer. Bonnie has an unmatched work ethic. I thought I had a pretty good work ethic until I met her. Bonnie saw things in me that I did not see in myself when it came to being consistent in fitness training. There were times where I was just too lazy to go and Bonnie would let me know about it when I didn’t go. She went above and beyond for many of her clients to let them know that she would always be there for them to motivate them. After getting to know Bonnie at the gym and learning of her personal tragedy with an accident and recovery period, I had no excuses to not want to try and be consistent in my personal training.  I can proudly say that if it weren’t for Bonnie I wouldn’t be in the shape I am now. I am not ready for a triathlon but I can tell you this, I don’t run out of breath going to the bathroom anymore and it feels great. I’ve learned to eat right and make good healthy choices and I owe it to Bonnie for putting me on the right path to a healthy lifestyle. My BMI is at 24% and considering it was 33% when I first met Bonnie, I think that’s pretty good. I’ll be 53 years old next month and I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Whoever has the privilege of hiring Bonnie will quickly realize she would be an immediate asset to your company.  I’ve met many people in my career and Bonnie is at good as they come. 
Will Alexander, Client


By the time I got to Bonnie, I was broken, mentally & physically.  Despite the smile on my face and the weight I could move.  I had done CrossFit for 4 years and fell in love with it, especially olympic weight lifting.  I had lifted for years with a torn shoulder, slipped disks in my lower back & c-spine, knee pain & random back spasms.  By no means was I an amazing athlete, just like everyone else trying to stay fit and active.  Bonnie was able to call me out when I said "I'm ok today, I can do it".  She said "ok, great, let me see".  When my form was crap, she knew immediately I was in pain, what ever the task was, it wasn't right for that day or maybe even just that movement.  We started with the basics with the exercises, she re-taught me what she knew I already knew how to do but the body was no longer responding to lifting under pressure of the weight I had on the bar.  While working with Bonnie, she made me understand that SHE UNDERSTOOD how to work with the injured exerciser.  In time, she shared her horrifying injuries with me, and then I understood WHY and HOW she was so good at identifying the injuries in her clients without even knowing the entire history of the individual before her.  She also identified the serial dieter in me.  She listened to whatever I would tell her about my past or current eating habits and encouraged me to have a healthy relationship with food.  "STOP with the diets, JUST EAT FOOD, good for you food!!"  I knew I could not fool Bonnie as I was able to do with many trainers in the past.  She saw thru my bull shit, loved and encouraged me in her no BS way.  I looked forward to each and every session with her.  It was only 30 minutes each session but I left with my ass kicked in the best fitness way possible.  Bonnie has a straight forward approach and will listen, love, encourage & celebrate your success every step of the way.   If you are the injured athlete or everyday exerciser (like myself) Bonnie is your one stop shop. Whatever your goals, You WILL NOT be disappointed!
Melinda Aman, Client


I have had the pleasure of having Bonnie as my trainer for a little over a year.  She has helped me mentally and physically.  Bonnie is a very driven individual that will not let you quit, and she reminds you of the goals you have set for yourself.  She is a motivator and very enthusiastic about her work.  She is the type of person that gets you going when you really do not want to exercise.   Bonnie is a very special individual.  She understands my illness and work around it to make me comfortable.  She is the best and I love her for that!!!
Sheila Lewis, Client


Bonnie comes with my highest recommendation. If you want someone who makes it fun while pushing you to achieve your best, she is the personal trainer for you! Her knowledge of nutrition, recovery techniques and balance between strength and endurance training helped me feel better than I have in years, and she helped me develop a plan for my own fitness and wellness that I have been able to sustain after our sessions together. Thanks, Coach!
Bill P, Client


A few years ago, I noticed I was loosing strength and was having trouble keeping weight off. I had tried unsuccessfully myself to remedy the situation but with a past injury and some medical problems I realized this was above my ability to correct on my own. So I starting looking for a trainer that would work with me to address these concerns. I wasn’t just seeking a trainer, I was looking for someone that would be my heath and fitness advocate, and that is exactly what I found in Bonnie. Bonnie worked with me after both of my surgeries, always ensuring my form was correct but at the same time challenging me and showing me what my body was capable of. Now with Bonnie’s help, I am on the other side of those surgeries and medical problems and stronger then ever. Without a doubt having Bonnie’s help in my fitness and health journey has made a tremendous difference in my life. Having expert level training provides the knowledge and guidance to help you become the best you possible.
Catherine Price, Client

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