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Welcome to BMaxFitness!

My name is Bonnie and here is just a little about me and why I got started in the fitness industry.

I have been a professional wrestler now for 18 years. During my run with TNA, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, I was brought in for autograph signings. One particular signing, a guy names Marc Rapport brought me in. We hit it o ff great and I’m pretty sure he liked my straight forward, no BS, attitude. LOL!

After the signing, I caught my flight home like normal, and when I arrived, I received an e-mail from Marc. He Kindly asked me, and this took a lot of guts, for help. He made it clear that his health was at risk and so I responded with, “Of course!” BUT! ONLY! If he followed the directions I played out for him. I was very busy with wrestling and it’s hard to tell if people are serious or if they will waste your time. Marc jumped on it. We spent a year together, online and in person, and during the year we lost a total of 200 lbs. From this day forward, I wanted to be able to help EVERYONE just like I did for Marc.

So, I had gotten a job at a gym to help others, while wrestling and traveling. I have been an active personal trainer for 8 years. My skills are rehab, personalized training programs, power lifting, stretching, yoga, circuit, HIIT, competitions, athletes, training with medical conditions, and RETAINING clients. I’ve had a few clients for 7 years, and I’ve also had people for 6 months. Some people like the no thinking approach and just want to be told what to do. I also have plenty of others whom treat it just like school, which is FANTASTIC! I love both approaches and any in-between. I wish I could build more of me and have a team, because I want to help and cure the world without surgery and medicine. I do not have that power, so I will just do what I can and help you.

If you’re interested in training with me or just have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Bonnie "BMaxFitness" Maxson :-)

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