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Below I am sharing some demo workout videos. Each video I demonstrate how to do the workout and give a suggested sets & reps written below the video. Leave comment with which workout was your favorite and how many you were able to complete.

The above video shows burpees. Give it a try... can you do 4 sets x 25 reps?

The video above shows walking lunges. Get moving and see if you get do 100 walking lunges!

The video above show you how to do some Bulgarian Split Leg Squats. Lets see if you can do 4 sets x 10 each leg/side.

These are some daring push ups! Don't try this version at home, but give some regular push ups a try. Can you do 4 sets x 20 reps?

This video shows Lateral Incline Split Leg Squats. Give this different version of a squat a try.

Here is some plank taps. Don't have a partner? Tap your hand to your opposite shoulder.

Have you already mastered bench dips? For something new, give this one a try... feet elevated bench dips.

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